We are here because
we’ve been there

Frustration with manual screenings and interview fatigue were once part of our story too. This drove us to reimagine recruitment from the ground up.

We’re no strangers
to the process

We've walked the same path as countless businesses striving to find the right candidates amid a sea of resumes.

7 Years
Manual recruiting
More than a Decade of
Software Engineering Excellence
Our journey has been driven by the dedication to pioneer solutions that transcend challenges.
13 Years of Experience
With so much development experience under their collective belt, this team has weathered the storm of evolving technologies, from the days of dial-up internet to the era of 5G. So, when you entrust your web project to them, you’re not just getting experts; you’re getting seasoned, battle-tested, and highly caffeinated web artisans ready to create digital magic.
12 Software Engineers
Picture a team of 12 web developers as the Avengers of the internet, but with fewer capes and more coding skills. With the power of teamwork and a knack for making websites, this dynamic dozen will have your online presence looking so good that even your grandma will want to bookmark it
5M euro Yearly Sales
This remarkable team of web developers is no stranger to the world of business success. These tech-savvy maestros have a track record of turning digital dreams into cold, hard cash. Their ability to transform ideas into profitable online ventures is nothing short of extraordinary.